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A Common Sense Proof That Hulda Clark
Does Not Have A Cure For Cancer

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   The writer of this obviously biased article seems to indicate that responses will be posted, but I see none, which is typical of this type of one sided tyrade. The writer also deos not seem to have personal experience with either cancer OR with the Hulda Clark cure(s) otherwise there might be some empirical evidence (testing) to suppport the claims that this modality does not or cannot work.

  Just sying that "if it worked, we would all know about it" makes no sense at all from any kind of a scientific or investigatory standpoint. We (the world AND us Americans) are SO naive to think that everthing is or even can be out in the open and "public knowledge" for all to see. There ARE powers that suppress SO much of what happens in many ways.

   An article such as this one is a perfect example of the type of ignorant propoganda that may make the less than curious person just walk away from a potential cure or possibility. We are finding more and more that the Human Mind and Body responds to things that we have NO idea of the why or how of and neither do the "medical professionals".

   I DO have personal experience with some of the Hulda Clark healing modality, but fortunaly, not with Cancer specifically. The healing procedures DO work for what has ailed me and who knows what else these processes have kept me form falling prey to. We were speaking to a doctor about parasites on one occasion and he asked,

  "What makes you think that you might have parasites in your body?" My friend and I looked at each other in disbelief, and then I responed to the doctor, "What makes YOU think that you would NOT have parasites in your body?!? Any meat eater is certainly likely to have microbial parasites and possibly everyone else as well.

  It has been shown & proven, through scientific testing that the PLACEBO is almost as effective at treatment as ANYTHING else that can be prescribed! Now what does THAT tell us about the "progress of Medical Science"? Hulda Clark may have been on to something and if anyone in MY Family was suffering from Cancer or anything else, I would certianly be open to a less drastic healing modality than "Modern Medicine" provides.

  The writer of this article does a great disservice to anyone looking to REALLY find a cure for anything by promoting the lunacy that if "Medical Science" is not touting a Cure or if this Cure is not "common knowledge" and helping thousands, that the Cure is faulty or does not exist. This is ridiculous. Innoculations were considered crazy heresy by the "medical professionals" of the day when they first surfaced as well.

  We must ALL face the fact that IF the Commercial Medical Community cannot or has not found a way to MONETIZE something, whether it is a cure or any kind of healing, then that cure or modality will NOT be promoted by the Medical Companies. This is unmistakable, proven fact time and time again and it is killing off thousands of people needlessly.

   Please post this response on the SAME page with this silly article!


    Ashley Kidd


Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your comments.

You seemed to have missed the point of my short essay. It was not meant to be a scientific paper in any way. Rather, it is a simple argument in commonsense logic: If  Hulda Clark's claim to have a cure for cancer was true, one would expect to see a significant number of documented cases of people who have actually been cured by following her protocol. Since there are not a significant number of documented cases of people who have been cured by Hulda Clark's method, one can reasonably conclude that she does not have a cure for cancer. It's just that simple.

For you to suggest there is some kind of cover-up or suppression of her ideas is absurd. I've heard about Hulda Clark. You've heard of Hulda. I know others who know of her and her methods. The internet has listings of countless people selling her books, zappers, syncrometers and whatever else she has to offer. One of her books was even on a best sellers list. Is this your idea of suppression?

We are currently living in the information age. Every day obscure videos on YouTube go viral all over the world in a matter of hours, even minutes. Hulda Clark, on the other hand, has been on a very public scene for many years claiming to have a cure for cancer, yet there is still no evidence that her alleged cure works. Where are all the cured people? Do the cured people not want to tell others that they have been cured? Why are they keeping it to themselves? Truth is, these cured people do not exist, and no reasonable person could conclude anything other than that Hulda Clark is a fraud of the highest degree.

Respectively... Albin


Truth is, these cured people do not exist, and no reasonable person could conclude anything other than that Hulda Clark is a fraud of the highest degree.
  So, then beacause I have been cured, perhaps, but have not seen fit to shout it on the highest mountain top, does this mean that the cure was any less?
    Well., and so be it. Apparently the "claim" that peoples comments will be posted also seems to be a fraud of the highest degree. A one sided "forum" is NO forum at all and there are MANY Truths in Our World (even in this Information Age) that are not "common knowledge" or that have not "gone viral". Your page is then merely a "bully pulpit" for one persons narrow view. Fine.
   One of the greatest "Secrets of Peace" hascertainly not gone viral in nature or we would not have the wars (or much of the dis-ease) that we have in Our World. By promoting your negative view and not giving voice to even the possibility of a positive, nurturing view, you ARE doing a disservice to internet readers who may be curious and open minded and open HEARTED.
   This is apparently not you in either case and again, so be it. The "common knowledge" that healthful eating (thinking, feeling, etc.) has MUCH to do with our Life & health has also not "gone viral". You seem to suggest that a "Cancer Cure" (sic) would be such "huge news" that one could not keep it quiet. I hope that you are enjoying that view of the world and that it serves you AND Your Loved Ones.
   My own Mom was just diagnosed with a form of cancer and yet refuses (on Spiritual grounds) all forms of conventional medical treatment. I may not agree with this, but this is her choice. At the same time I am ALWAYS open to seeking alternative methodologies and modalities for health and healing, but then, I am also NOT associated with the AMA (American Money Association) either.
   Unfortunaltely, much if not most of our conventional "health care" is PROFIT based and if there is no profit, then there is NO "going viral" or advertising or promotion. Perhaps you are correct and "IF" there was some miracle cure that it would eventually become "common knowledge", but more typically NATURAL Cures are not overnight huge successes that make the evening news and so are not likely to end up getting much airplay.
  In our current society we thrive on momentous, instantaneous results, miracles even, and this is just not that often the case with "reality". Will you also claim that other natural modalities are useless frauds as well? Accupuncture, Herbal Cures, etc. are all documented, but certainly not "viral". Our internet is wonderful as it gives ALL the opportunity for voice and opinion. Your page seems to suggest an open dialog, yet is really only one persons narrow view.
  This is truly a shame for many including yourself. We ALL have so much to learn and humility and openness are necessary for any healing / teaching to take place. Again, I may suggest that your view may seem to serve you for some reason, but you may come to find (hopefully not too late) that this view may only be hurting you and yours in the long run.
    So be it., 


Dear Ashley 

I am sorry to hear your mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Having said that, please convince her to follow the advice and accept the help of the doctors who diagnosed her with cancer. These people are professionals who have dedicated their lives to healing. Donít be turned off of conventional medicine and the American Medical System because it is profit driven. Everything in the United States is set up to make money. That is the nature of American society. It is wrong to single out the medical profession.

Cancer can be successfully treated if it is caught early. Please donít waste time because of ďSpiritualĒ reasons. Cancer is an insidious disease that will continue its course regardless of what you want, hope or pray for.  

I am not pulling any punches here because the matter is extremely serious. If your mother fails to follow up with the proven cancer treatments that are offered to her, both of you will be responsible for the eventual outcome. Your future relationship with your mom may be one of visiting her at her grave site. Can you live with that? Please donít let that happen. 

I hope everything works out for the better. 




   Thanks for your concern for my Mother. She has always made her own decisions and seems to rely on a Source or Power that I am not fully aware of. In any event, it has been twenty years of trying to "concince her", first to begin to use her hearing aids that she cast off because "God would heal her" and now to advise that she follow some medical practioner who knows only to stick her and inject her with a commercial potion., well., believe me., we have ALL tried., and tried and tried.
   Meanwhile it would seem that you are indeed associated with the AMA or at least conventional medical "wisdom" and authority and that is fine, but at ANY point it is extremely limiting. There was a claim by the scientific medical authorities of the day that "We have discovered all that there is to be known about the human body". This was in the early 1900's and is documented. We now know that we know a lot less than there is to be known and this will likely be the case for a long time to come.
   Your first claim that any important Knowledge of Healing could not or would not be supressed is based on a certain "logic" that no one would keep such knowledge hidden. And yet, even on your OWN page regarding Hulda Clark you OFFER that comments will be posted, but I see NO such comments even as I have mailed you countless comments even now as I type this! Your lies are the most evident proof.
   YOU are furthering and supporting the VERY claim that you say is not possible!?! How can you possibly believe that suppression of ANYTHING is not possible, when the evidence of it is RIGHT in your OWN ACTIONS! And if you, who I am hoping and guessing has no particular axe to grind (but am not sure) would repress any opinion or knowledge that is opposed to your own, how far do you think that the Medical & Pharma Corporations who have BILLIONS to lose might react in the face of some cure, even a PARTIAL or potential cure!?!?!
   Either you are very naive or you are part of the same "conspiracy" that you claim is not possible, but in any event, the PROOF of just the capability of a conspiracy to hide, cloud or confuse ANY information is evident in YOUR OWN ACTIONS by not posting comments that you claim on your own page will be posted. You LIE and then maintain that no one woiuld lie about a possible cure, when in fact you lie about siomething even less consequentail than a possible cure for disease.
    This boggles the mind, but again is your own choice. I do not know the motivation that originally caused you to write that page, but your choice to negate and not post comments that you claim or offer WILL be posted are a perfect accomplice to your faulty logic and writings. You lie and therefore all that you have written are lies. This is now obvious to all who read carefully what you have posted. You and your loved ones will bear the burden of what you are doing., and perhaps many more, who knows.
   I am sorry for you and yours., please keep your lies to yourself.


Hi Ashley

Why do you consistently claim that I do not post the readers comments? I have posted every single one I have received since the website has been up. The comments, including yours, can be seen by clicking the link "Reader's Comments" on the site.

Thousands of people have visited the website over the years, yet the number of comments can be counted on one hand. That should also tell you something. In fact a couple of weeks ago I got a letter from one the writers asking me to delete his comments because he "wrote them when he was much younger". I deleted it for him.

Nobody is suppressing anything about Hulda Clark. Everything about her is out in the open... which is her ultimate downfall.

Regards... Albin


   Ahh., my apologies. I initially looked for the comments and found none. In any event, there is SO much in this Life & in this world that is not known or understood and this is especially true in the medical world.
   I suppose that it was the ridiculous "logic" that inspired me to comment inspite of the fact that the original post made little or no sense especially when taken in the context of Hulda Clark's scientific research and study.
    You very likely have not even read that treatise on her work, not that it matters much, but it is now fairly obvious to me why so few people have chosen to respond to your post. Compared to an empirical proof it falls completely flat.
    In other words, for some reason I had done a search for Hulda Clark's works and your article came up in the search. I rad it out of curiosity and in disbelief at your "logic" I responded. This was and is MY "downfall".
    Einstein, Tesla, Curie, Salk were nearly ALL ridiculed for their work in their own time and often by their own peers. Your own "logic" pales so much by comparison that it is NOT worth commenting on and especially in the realization of time wasted.
   Hulda Clark and others like her are a lot closer to any cure by their efforts than anything that you seem to be doing with your negative and totally unresearched commentary. Since extraterrestrials have not shown up in public, they must not exist.


Hi Ashley

Hulda Clark has never written a real peer-reviewed scientific treatise on her work. If you are referring to her books, there is nothing scientific about them. If you want clarification of the nonsense she writes about in her book "The Cure for All Diseases", check out the following link:

Regards... Albin