Hulda Clark died of cancer on September 3, 2009. Her death certificate indicates that Multiple Myeloma, a form of blood cancer, was the cause of her death.


A Common Sense Proof That Hulda Clark
Does Not Have A Cure For Cancer

by Albin Kristy

Where Are All The Cured People?

The above question is central to a common sense proof that Hulda Clark does not have a cure for cancer. To put it simply, if she truly did have a cure for cancer, there would be millions of cured people all over the world today spreading the news of this cure, and cancer would be more of a nuisance than the deadly disease it currently is. Because the expected numbers of cured people are nonexistent, it can reasonably be concluded that Hulda Clark does not have a cure for cancer.

To make the above commonsense argument even more self evident, let us take a brief look into history to see how people behave when something very desirable becomes known to them. Let us examine the California Gold Rush to see how people reacted to the discovery of gold. Let us then compare that reaction to how people are reacting today to Hulda Clark's so called discovery of a cure for cancer. The scenarios are very similar. Health is at least as desirable as wealth. One must be alive to enjoy benefits of valuable possessions, and the instinct to survive is far greater than any urge to acquire wealth.

The Gold Rush and The Dream of Wealth:

In late 1847, James Marshall and about 20 men were sent to the river by John Sutter to build a sawmill. While building the mill they found gold, not just one piece, but lots of it.  James Marshall's words were: "I reached my hand down and picked it up; it made my heart thump, for I was certain it was gold. The piece was about half the size and shape of a pea. Then I saw another."

After confirming the discovery was indeed gold, both Marshall and Sutter made a pact to keep it a secret. Their personal interests in the region would be undermined if word got out and gold seekers invaded the area. Needless to say, their oath of secrecy could not prevent word of the discovery from getting out. The California Gold Rush soon blossomed into a full bloomed migration. The urge to acquire wealth could not be suppressed by the self centered interests of James Marshall and John Sutter.

Was it reasonable to assume that Marshall and Sutter could keep word of the gold discovery from spreading after 20 men had seen it? On the contrary, it was very unreasonable to assume these men would not tell their families and friends, who in turn would almost certainly tell others.

The Greater Need for Health and Life:

Millions and millions of people are dying from cancer each year. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, etc.... cancer has no boundaries. In it's final stage, it is a horrible disease that strips all basic dignities from it's victims. It is the most feared of all diseases, and it can happen to anybody.

Along comes Hulda Clark. She says she has found a cure for cancer. According to her, all cancer is caused by parasites and toxins in the body. To be cured, one only has to rid the body of the cancer causing parasites and toxins, and the cancer will disappear. The cure is a very simple 'alternative' program that anyone can follow, and for a very little cost - the price of her book, some supplements and a couple of simple, inexpensive electrical gadgets. She even provides testimonials from people who are said to have been cured by going through her program. The question arises: If Hulda Clark has indeed found a cure for cancer, why are so many millions of people still dying from the disease?

According to proponents of Hulda Clark's cure, millions of people are still dying from cancer because the government, the drug companies and the medical profession are like James Marshall and John Sutter of the gold rush days. These large institutions are said to be suppressing the knowledge of Clark's cure because cancer is too profitable of a business for them. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc., generate huge sums of money for these people, and they do not want to lose it to a simple 'alternative' low cost cancer cure that would put them out of business. Does this sound reasonable? The people of these institutions and their family members are dying from cancer too. Is not their basic need for health and life also far stronger than their desire for wealth? Can one really believe that money is more important to them than their own lives and the lives of their loved ones? If Hulda's cure was real, they would at least be seeking it out for themselves, which would in turn add even more fuel to the fire of the word being spread. Considering the countless number of Clark's books that have been sold, and the numerous websites promoting them, it is absurd to claim word of her cure has been even remotely suppressed.

The Proof:

Where are all of the people who have been cured of cancer by following Hulda Clark's parasite cleansing program? One would think their numbers would be very high by now because Hulda Clark and others have been promoting her 'cure' for many years. She first published her book "A Cure For All Cancers" in 1993. That's over ten years ago.

Is it not reasonable to believe that someone who has been cured of the disease would tell other people who are also sick, so that they too could be spared from death? Hulda Clark has posted testimonials on her website. Did these cured cancer patients keep their miraculous recovery to themselves, and not tell others? If the people in the testimonials did tell others, one would expect a resulting chain reaction incomparable to anything ever witnessed in history. Unless of course those who were told were not cured, then any expected chain reaction would have fizzled out quite quickly.

Can one really believe that a bureaucracy can conspire to cover up such a truth? Cancer patients do not live in a bubble. They attend support groups with other people who have cancer. They are one of the most informed groups about the disease because their own lives are at stake. Many of these people seek out alternative therapies because standard medicine has not been able to help them. Word of a real cure would spread like wildfire among them making the excitement of the California Gold Rush days seem like child's play. Just as Marshall and Sutter could not prevent the 20 men from spreading the word of the discovery of gold, no bureaucracy on earth could prevent, for example, a father from spending a few dollars on a zapper (Clark's parasite killer) to save his little girl from cancer, if that father had witnessed, or learned by word of mouth, how someone else had been cured by Hulda Clark's procedure.

What of the people who are promoting Hulda Clark's message? Do they not have an ethical responsibility to make the world aware of Hulda's supposed cure? Instead of hiding behind internet websites, and making themselves feel better through closed internet discussion groups, they should be out marching in the streets to make the public aware of the 'truth'. If Hulda's followers really do believe she has a cure for cancer that is being falsely maligned and suppressed by the establishment, don't they have an ethical duty to go out on a limb to save the lives of millions of people who are dying each year from cancer? To knowingly let someone die needlessly, in this society, is a crime. If Hulda truly has a cure for cancer, those who got the 'truth' out, would soon be validated, and go into the history books as heroes, who have done a huge service to humanity. Why are they not marching in the streets to promote Hulda Clark's cure? The answer is: They don't really believe it themselves.

The Conclusion:

Any truth, if it is known to some, cannot be suppressed by even the most powerful of organizations, if that truth evokes intense emotions like fear and greed. As the California Gold Rush was inevitable after gold was discovered, word of Hulda Clark's cure for cancer would also have been unstoppable if there were any substance to it. News of her cure would have made the headlines of every newspaper in the world and millions of cured cancer people would be walking about now as proof of her treatment's effectiveness. Where are all the cured people? There are but a handful of people who claim to be cured. They are listed on the testimonial page of Hulda Clark's website, a few other websites, and some case histories in Hulda's books.. 

While dreams of 'wealth' provided the fuel to propel the California Gold Rush into a frenzy, the much stronger need of 'health and life' failed to give Hulda Clark's cure for cancer any momentum at all. This should tell us something. Using common sense, it is reasonable to conclude that Hulda Clark does not have a cure for cancer.

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Reader's Comments

Hulda Clark's Books:

Look at the titles of Hulda Clark's books. Not only does Hulda Clark claim to have a cure for all cancers, she has a cure for all diseases, HIV and Aids too. Are not such grandiose claims reminiscent of the snake oil salesmen of the Gold Rush days? According to those hucksters, one bottle of their medicine cured everything. Would anybody today take those historic con artists seriously? Probably not. That being said, how can anybody take Hulda Clark seriously today? She makes the same kind of claims. Does it make sense to believe that Hulda Clark has summed up the world's knowledge of medicine and disease in a couple of books?

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Hulda Clark Links:

A search for the words 'Hulda, Clark and cancer' on Google returns hundreds of links, in many different languages, about Clark's theories and cancer treatment. The whole world has instant access to information about Clark's protocol. In light of the large numbers of Clark websites returned by the Google search, it is completely unreasonable to maintain that the medical establishment has in any way been successful in suppressing Clark's ideas. 

Below are very small fraction of the many thousands of Hulda Clark related websites that were returned by the Google search:

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A closer look at Hulda Regehr Clark. Clark maintains that the Fasciolopsis Buski parasite causes all cancers. This website refutes that claim,

There are more Hulda Clark related websites on the web than anyone would care to read.  Clark's book "A Cure For All Cancers" was first published in 1993. After over ten years of promoting her treatment, the question remains. Where are all of the cured people? Commonsense tells us that Hulda Clark does not have a cure for cancer.