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I have read Dr. Clark's book and tried her zapper. I have used the zapper on myself and my children for about 8 years. The whole family used to be on antibiotics frequently for ear infections. Now we are hardly ever sick. My 8 year old daughter has only needed antibiotics twice in her life. I know that people might think that the zapper works like a placebo but a placebo wouldn' t work for an infant too young to understand. I've used the zapper since my youngest daughter was an infant at the first sniffle or sneeze and it went away almost every time. I use it on myself at the beginning of a cold and within an hour the symptoms disapear. Using the zapper has worked for us almost every time. We never followed Dr. Clarks recommendations for body cleanses or took any herbs she mentioned. I can't say if her methods work for serious diseases but the zapper has been working for us for simple common colds and ear infections. Our family has not needed to go to the doctor in so long that, when I took my son in for a sports physical I found out that our military doctors had retired our families medical records because it was longer than 2 years since anyone had been in to see them. Get yourself a zapper and try is when you start to get a cold and you will be convinced.

Mary Gilbert


Thank you for your comments Mary.

Colds and ear infections are for the most part a temporary nuisance. Cancer and other life threatening diseases are quite another story. Please don't forsake proven medical treatment in favor of the zapper, should, God forbid, something serious happen to you or your loved ones.


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