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Are you biased against alt med?
Are you ready to show both sides of this story?
You asked in your article:
Where Are All The Cured People?
I may ask, "Have you ever been looking to find any?"
I challenge you to add next links to your article, if you really believe that there are no people cured. 
You are wondering if there are people who followed Hulda's advice and cured themselves?

Look here:

Liver Flush Experiences (there are thousands of messages, most are not related to cancer, but all are related to general health): 

Parasites cleansing experiences:

If you need more, I can send you more.
We are talking about thousands of personal stories.
And, you are claiming: 
Where Are All The Cured People?
Are you biased against alt med?
Are you ready to show both sides of this medal?
If yes, why don't you add links I provided to your story, to prove that you are not biased?
Show me that you are ready to show both sides of this story!

When you are fighting cancer, you need all the placebo and all the faith that you can get.
Many experts assume that placebo effect (belief that something works) accounts for up to 30 or even 40% of curing effect of any therapy.
Taking placebo away from people who use any therapy, and converting placebo into nocebo (belief that something does not work), in case of cancer often equals death.
If placebo is only 25% of curing effect, and you convert it into nocebo (- 25% curing effect), result is: person have lost 50% of curing effect.
Losing 50% of curing effect equals death, if we are talking about cancer.
That is the reason why nobody wants you to speculate and talk negative about any alt therapy, unless it is your personal experience.
Is that so hard to understand?

Dusan Stojkovic (moderator of the yahoo newsgroup cancercured )



The whole point of the essay is: If Hulda Clark did have a cure for cancer, one would not have to look for  people who were cured using her protocol. These people would be everywhere, in your face, spreading the word of her cure, as well as seeking it out. Clark's book "The Cure For All Cancers" was published over ten years ago, and has been on best sellers lists. If she had a cure, the number of cured people would be in the millions by now instead of the few claiming to be cured in undocumented testimonials on censored internet news groups or on internet websites, where, by the way, her books, zappers and supplements are often for sale. The cured would be the talk of the world: in newspapers, on television and on the radio, in the coffee shops and in the workplace. They would be our friends, relatives and neighbors. Everyone would know of Hulda Clark. She would be our hero and one of the most celebrated persons in the world... probably a Nobel prize winner in medicine, instead of being at odds with the law.

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