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Hulda Clark


I hope you never are faced with stage IV cancer as I was. I went through 3 years of chemo, a stem cell transplant and lost my spleen along the way. After all of this, the doctors told me it was over - "there was nothing else they could do". That was over 5 years ago. There are still many things that can be done that the traditional medical community does not know about (or does not want to know about).

Good luck to you if you don't give any credence to alternative therapies - yours is a "do or die" approach. Unfortunately more "die" than "do" who won't open their minds to alternative approaches. To borrow from another who said it quite well . . .Why isn't there a "rush" to alternatives? 

One thing is medical insurance will not cover it so it is limited to only those who have the means. When one goes to a Doctor who practices both in the United States and Mexico, it may be necessary to pay $5000 a week in cash to receive US diagnostic help and then treatment in Mexico. Secondly, there hasn't been any testing of the various alternatives to better direct their use. Settling for one type of treatment when there are many others which have a better history of stopping and or controlling cancer is not using "common sense". When there is federal money used to adequately test alternatives rather than for prosecuting those professionals who have had success using them, it will be a great day for cancer victims.

Dave Perkins (
"enjoy being"



I'm glad you have been successful in your battle with whatever stage IV cancer you had. However you seem to miss the point of the essay you are commenting on. It is not a critique of alternative medicine in general where there are many unknowns and good for science yet understand and tap. The essay is a critical exposition of Hulda Clark, and others like her, whose claims fail both the test of science and common sense. These people have no business being categorized as healers even in alternative medicine. They are but con artists looking to make money from people in their most desperate of times.

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